Guide to Customer Service Excellence (4) - Development of People Competencies for Customer Service Excellence

The Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence (HKACE) was formed in February 2000 to promote customer service excellence in Hong Kong. To this end, we have initiated a series of publications on various subjects in the field of customer service.

This research, involving some 60 local secondary schools and training institutions and 30 leading service organizations in Hong Kong, was carried out to identify the core competencies for customer service excellence; evaluation the training currently provided by service organizations to frontline staff and the training provided by local secondary schools and training institutions to students; and evaluate the practices and adopted by leading local service organizations to foster service excellence.

The findings of this research are summarized in this document - "Guide to Customer Service Excellence (4) -development of People Competencies for Customer Service Excellence". It should appeal to service organizations, educational institutions and relevant government departments. We hope it would provide useful input for the review and enhancement of their training methodologies as well as teaching curriculum and programmes in relation to Hong Kong's need to provide superior customer service in the global marketplace.

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