Honorary Patron & Advisor

 Honorary Patron  



 Mr. Algernon Yau, JP

 Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development


 Honorary Advisor  

Ms. Cally CHAN

Former Vice-Chairman of HKACE (9.2012 - 6.2017)


Mr. Arnold CHENG

Former Chairman of HKACE (9.2016 - 7.2017)


Mr. Allan CHIANG, SBS 

Former Chairman of HKACE (2000 - 7.2006)


Ms. Quince CHONG, JP

Chairman of HKACE (2020 - 2022)

Former Chairman of HKACE (7.2006 - 7.2012)  

Mrs. Selina CHOW, GBS, OBE, JP

Dr. Buston CHU Yat Chiu
Former Chairman of HKACE (7.2012 - 3.2014)
Dr. Peter LAM Kin-ngok, GBS

Chairman of Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Mrs. Sandra MAK

Chief Executive Officer, A-World Consulting Limited


Mr. Jack SO Chak Kwong, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP

Chairman of Airport Authority Hong Kong

Mr. James TONG

Former Chairman of HKACE (4.2014 - 9.2016)

Mr. Patrick WONG

Former Treasurer of HKACE (2000 - 11.2007)

Mrs. Rossana HO

Former Vice-Chairman of HKACE (6.2017 - 2.2018)


Mr. Ivan MA

Former Treasurer of HKACE (2014 - 2018)