Message from Chairman

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Association of Customer Service Excellence (HKACE). 

2020 is a very challenging year to all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people from all walks of life since the beginning of the year and we have seen most industries suffering from a decline in business. As we are looking to thrive through the current challenges and continue to foster customer service excellence in Hong Kong, we need to support our members effectively during the downturn and prepare them for the economic recovery, whereas customer service excellence will certainly play an important role in reviving the service industry.

For the HKACE to achieve the above goals in the near term, we will focus on two key directions:

Innovating next-generation services

The pandemic has hit the service industry as physical contacts have been restricted due to social distancing measures that are necessary for containing the spread of the virus. However, it has also opened up new opportunities for digital transformation. While service providers strive to sustain their businesses through harnessing the power of online and virtual platforms, the digital service receptiveness of customers has been growing at speeds never seen. 

It’s the best time for us to ride on this opportunity to work together and steer the customer service experience in Hong Kong towards a new era. The Association will continue to devote our efforts in advocating the Digital Transformation of customer services through research, annual awards and member sharing, so that best practices can be promoted and experience can be shared for mutual learning.

Service Appreciation 

To ride through the current challenges and to embrace new opportunities, we need to strengthen our foundation: our legendary resilience, our hardworking and energetic people, and our commitment to customer-centric services. We hope service appreciation can bring positive energy and attract more talented people to join this important industry of Hong Kong. 

I would like to close this message by offering my sincere thanks to all those who have given unfailing support to the Association in the past including our member organisations, programme partners, supporting organisations and the Executive Committee. Your continued support is essential to enable the Association to achieve its goals to ensure Hong Kong remains a leading service hub in Asia and evolves into a Smart City of Service Innovation and Appreciation.

Together, let’s bring customer services of Hong Kong to new heights.

Quince Chong, JP

Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence

December 2020