Customer Satisfaction Index and Its Implications (2)

The Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence (HKACE) was formed in February 2000 to promote customer service excellence in Hong Kong. To this end, we have embarked on a series of research aiming at contributing to the body of knowledge in the filed of customer service and provide practical suggestions to like-minded service organisations in Hong Kong on how to deliver quality service to customers.

This research included attempts to develop a composite Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for the service sector in Hong Kong, based on interviews with over 1,000 customers of the twelve member organisations; and to develop a separate CSI for life insurance industry, based on interviews with over 500 policy-holders. It also indentified key product or service attributes which contribute ot customer satisfaction, and changes in behaviour induced by customer satisfaction.

The findings of the research which will conceivably serve general application and reference purposes are summarised in this publication. We hope readers will find them academically stimulating and practically useful.

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