Guide to Customer Service Excellence (8) - Service Appreciation and Customer Loyalty

In August 2004, the HKACE appointed the Strategic Information & Intelligence Division of the Hong Kong Productivity Council to carry out a research titled “Service Appreciation and Customer Loyalty”.

This research involved 600 telephone interviews and 23 in-depth face-to-face interviews with Hong Kong companies in seven major service industries as well as 500 telephone interviews and 2 focus group discussions with general consumers.

It aims to:

- Identify effective customer loyalty programs and their main ingredients;

- Identify what triggers customers to stay or to churn;

- Establish the correlation between service appreciation and customer loyalty;

- Identify ways that companies measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty;

- Share success stories and lessons in various service sectors, so as to gain insights in enhancing service appreciation and customer loyalty.

The findings of this research are summarized in this document - “Guide to Customer Service Excellence (8) - Service Appreciation and Customer Loyalty”. It contains a customer loyalty model that explains how different factors interact to form customer loyalty and includes the latest findings on the changing consumer behaviour that affects loyalty. Besides, it incorporates success stories and exemplary practices of leading companies in gaining customer loyalty.

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