Guide to Customer Service Excellence (9) - Cultivating Colleagues Dedication to Customer Loyalty

In today's work environment which emphasizes people-based management, the need for managers to motivate staff has become a top management issue more than ever before. This is particularly true for a service organization as many studies have concluded that satisfied staff will more likely deliver outstanding service and results in satisfied customers.

HKACE appointed Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) in September 2004 to organize two workshops entitled " Cultivating Employee Dedication to Achieve Customer Loyalty " with the objective of developing manager's competence in staff motivation. The ideas and survey findings collected from these workshops are summaried in this guidebook.

This guidebook includes customer loyalty concepts and motivation principles, complemented be real-life managerial practices. We hope readers will benefit from the insights contained in this publication and invest more in caring for the staff so that in turn they care more for the customers.

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