Company Visit: Ocean Park Corporation
Company Visit: Ocean Park Corporation

Ocean Park Corporation arranged our members to visit the Park on 4 October 2019.  We understood how the park organize the seasonal event with innovative ideas and how they provide quality, thoughtful service to their guests. 

As a famous local theme park, Ocean Park provides entertaining and educational experiences to guests.  They also combine the Western Halloween Festival with local cultural, to make the festival to be a characteristic and localize seasonal event.  The park designs different level of scary attractions fulfilling difference guests' favour.  The professional performers assert themselves into their characters to build up “terrify and scary atmosphere” to visitors.

Detailed planning, innovation ideas, well-trained staff, care to guests, these elements make Halloween Fest to be a typical event of the park, also provide a memorable and excellence experience to the guests. 

More than 25 members supported and joined this visit.  Special thanks for the arrangements of Ocean Park Corporation.