Welcoming ABC Pathways Group as our new Corporate Member
Welcoming ABC Pathways Group as our new Corporate Member

Established in 2002, ABC Pathways Group’s list of businesses include: International kindergartens, English language schools, franchised learning centres, a strategic consultancy agency, parent-child education channels, a charitable foundation, and epidemic protection product platforms. The target audience of ABC Pathways Group are educators, parents, and young learners. With nearly 5,000 students currently enrolled, we are one of the largest English education institutions for young learners in Hong Kong.

The logo of ABC Pathways School is composed of an ‘ABC Tic Tac Toe’ game, which represents that we view learning English as being as easy and as fun as playing a game - Children learn through play and enjoy the process, whilst attaining outstanding academic results. The stars represent our students, with the letters ‘ABC’ accompanying each child as they achieve their potential at school.

ABC Pathways Group strongly advocates a ‘Happy Learning’ model, based on the concept of ‘Laugh, Love, and Learn’. We are confident this approach can be extended into various levels of education in Hong Kong, giving as many students as possible the powerful experience of ‘Happy Learning’. ABC Pathways Group hopes to achieve a ‘win-win-win’ situation of ‘happiness, schoolwork and parental bonding’, and believe that in the near future, Hong Kong will become the city with the highest ‘Happy Learning’ index.