Customer Service Excellence Award 2019 Briefing & Experience Sharing Seminars

The Association continues to promote customer service excellence through series of service appreciation activities.  One of them being the Briefing of "Customer Service Excellence Award 2019" and Sharing Session for the winners of "Customer Service Excellence Awards 2018" on May 22, 24 and 31.

The Association was graced with the presence from a number of award-winning institutions/companies including the winner for the Grand Award to share their valuable customer service views and success story. 

We are also very excited this year to introduce a new "Top 5 Young Stars of the Year" award with the aim to promote customers excellence service among our younger generation.  We hope that through this encouragement they are inspired to strive for the better in their service as well as their professionalism.

Meanwhile the Customer Service Excellence Award 2019 is now accepting applications.  We urge that each member to join this competition so together we could bring customer service excellence to new heights.


Special thanks to HKT Limited for providing the venue for these briefing sessions.